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Fair and Handsome 50g

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Fair & Handsome  is available in market in different types, some for oily skin, some for dry skin and some for fairness. It is as well gives skin benefits in the type of development of skin texture & lightening of skin. Fair & Lovely gives natural result and it is very effective for sensitive skin.This ensures that all Unilever’s products are of the highest standard of safety. All ingredients in Fair & Lovely’s products are compliant to existing cosmetic standards. … All Fair & Lovely products are therefore safe to use for all adults with normal skin.Unilever patented the brand Fair & Lovely in 1971 after the patenting of niacinamide, a melanin suppressor, which is the cream’s main active ingredient. As of 2012 the brand occupied 80% of the fairness cream market in India, and is one of Hindustan Unilever’s most successful cosmetics lines.


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